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On Friday 17th we fund-raised for Children in Need and are pleased to announce that it was a big success.

All of the activities (mentioned in an earlier blog) were run effectively. One of these activities was each class finding spots hidden around the playground. Each class found every one of the 25 spots in the twenty minute slot and Y6 Edison found them in the least amount of time: 4 minutes.

All of this was so we could raise more money so we decided to do two fundraisers. As the round pounds are no longer in circulation, we chose to ask everyone to bring their round pounds in as Children in Need could still use them. To motivate people to bring as many as they could, we made it a competition between each class. We were impressed at the number of round pounds brought in with a staggering £28 worth of old pounds brought in by Y6 Darwin. They also brought in the most new pounds (brought in so the children could come in pyjamas) meaning that it was Y6 Darwin who brought in the most money: £69.50, (These competitions were not rigged, we did try and make it harder for Y6!).

After a great day for everybody in pyjamas, raising money, we managed to raise £472 for Children in Need. We would like to thank all parents who helped by sending children to school with large amounts of money and donations; it is all for an amazing cause.



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