Naphill and Walters Ash School


About us

About Us

We, at Naphill and Walters Ash School, are proud of the development, support and education of our children. We are a co-educational community school for children age 4 – 11 years, and have also been a Forest school for over 7 years.  Our children are happy and make good progress in the classroom with lots of activities to stimulate them outside, such as our winning football team and choir.

Our Vision

To provide a safe and supportive learning environment that provides the opportunity for each child to develop the skills and knowledge to reach their full potential as a person through academic achievement and personal development.

Our Mission

  • To build a culture where children have a positive approach to learning that promotes high standards and ensures all pupils can achieve their full potential;
  • To foster resilient, confident and creative learners, prepared for the next steps in their education and life.
  • To value children’s efforts and recognise their achievements, encouraging them to take responsibility and accountability.
  • To encourage and develop independent thinking and self-awareness, with a respect for the world in which we live;

Our Objectives

  • Deliver the highest possible quality of teaching and a provide cohesive and relevant learning experience;
  • Develop children’s personal life-skills through Forest School and extra-curricular opportunities;
  • Set high expectations and continually raise standards;
  • Ensure that our pupils feel supported, safe and enjoy coming to school.
  • Maintain strong governance and astute financial management to ensure availability of high quality resources;
  • Have clear guidelines, policies and processes that everyone understands and follows;
  • Promote the engagement of parents in the learning of their children and the development of good behaviour.

 Our Values

We expect everyone at our school demonstrate the following values:

We encourage our children to be responsible, particularly for their actions, learning, belongings and environment.

It’s important to consider each other’s points of views and accept differences of opinion.

We help to give our children the ability to think through problems and challenges for themselves, and be able to explain their thoughts and actions.


We want our children to understand that they cannot always be first or be the best.

Sometimes life might feel a little unfair, but they know that if they keep going, work hard and do their best, they will be successful

We teach our children to look back at their work and actions, and think about how they could achieve a different, and if applicable, a better outcome.

Can our children solve problems for themselves? If they find their work a challenge or are stuck, do they know how to attempt to solve the problem before asking for help? Making sure that they are prepared for school, by having their reading books and PE kits ready.

We also teach and promote teach and promote British values as set out by the Department for Education. These values are:


Rule of Law,

Individual Liberty,

Mutual Respect and

Tolerance of Individual Faiths and Beliefs