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Esafety Advice

ESafety Advice

Esafety for Parents

Your children are growing up in a world where many learn to swipe a screen before they have learnt to walk and talk.  It is hard to accept that young children might access material online that we as adults would find unacceptable but they do; they do not always search for these things on purpose but it often takes one or two clicks/swipes and the video of cute kittens becomes something far more serious.

New Apps and sites are produced at a speed that makes it very difficult as a parent and school to keep up with and we often learn about these sites from the children. Often, something that appears quite harmless can take on a more serious nature. As a school we will inform you if we have any concerns about your child’s use of the internet.

Below are some links to some very good web sites that will help with setting parental controls on phones, tablets etc. Which Apps are suitable for your child and what to watch out for on others eg. ‘’ isn’t all nice lip synching videos! If you have any concerns or want to know what games your children are playing then content can be ‘Googled’ or use one of the sites below for advice.

Links that parents can use to help advise on ESafety:

CEOP ThinkUKnow Protecting you child from Abuse Online

NSPCC Online Safety

Childnet – Setting up Parental Controls

Childnet – ESafety Tips for Parents of Primary children

The site tell parents what games and apps are available and what the content of them is

Below are links aimed at children which are interactive and have videos and games to teach them about ESafety:

CEOP – ThinkUKnow (Ages5-7) If you are 5, 6 or 7, I bet you probably like to use the computer for fun.

We’ve made this website to help you go on the internet in a safe way and know who to talk to if you are worried.

You can also find out about Lee & Kim’s adventures or watch Hector and his friends learning to use computers safely!

CEOP – ThinkUKnow (Ages 8-10) Cyber Cafe – Visit it now to help Griff and his friends stay safe while using email, chat areas, mobiles and other new technologies!

Childnet – Kidsmart – What’s your favourite thing to do online?  Learn more about the internet and being a SMART surfer here!

CBBC – Stay Safe – Welcome to your ultimate internet survival guide. Here are the tips and tricks you’ll need to stay safe online, beat the cyber-bullies and become a super-surfer.

Use of Social Media

We do understand that parents set up social media groups for their child’s year group, these groups are mainly used for locating lost PE kit or when homework is due in and are very helpful. If you set up one of these groups we do ask that you do so in a way that ensures the group is managed properly and safely. The group administrator should ensure that the group acts responsibly.

The group should not be accessed by anyone other than parents of the children concerned, no friends of friends or even parents of children who are not in that year group should have access to the group. Members of the public should not be able to access the group.  Pictures of children should not be uploaded and the names of the children should not be used either. Everyone has a duty of care to protect the privacy of our children.

All parents and carers are entitled to have their views and opinions and we will listen to any concerns or views that are shared with us, as long as they come through appropriate channels. Comments posted and shared online are easily misinterpreted and can have serious consequences.

It is important that all parents and carers understand that the use of social media to deliberately threaten, upset, harass, intimidate or embarrass members of staff or anyone else associated with the school community will be considered cyber bullying and/or harassment and it will not be tolerated. Posting threatening or offensive comments online can also be potentially considered as a criminal offence.

We will take action against inappropriate postings on social media if they;

  • Could have repercussions for the orderly running of the school
  • Pose a threat to another pupil or member of the public
  • Could adversely affect the reputation of the school

If parents or carers have any concerns or complaints regarding the school then we request that they go through the correct channels. We will work together to try and resolve and concerns or issues that you have. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of any discussions you have with school staff the Complaints Policy is on the website.

If parents or carers wish to discuss this matter further or have any other safety concerns then please contact the Head.