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New Year & Reverse Advent Calendar | Naphill Gazette January 2018

Happy New Year from all those at Naphill & Walters Ash!

We are now entering 2018 and that means a new term and new challenges for all years! Ks2, after doing a historical topic last year, will now focus on a non-historical topic. Whether that is geographical (like Y6’s river topic), a scientific subject (such as learning about Space like Y5) or one like Y4’s where they study Humans and Robots.

Of course, we celebrated Christmas last month. But instead of thinking about receiving we thought about giving; we participated in the Reverse Advent Calendar! Run by the One Can Trust, (a charity that gives food to the less fortunate) The Reverse Advent Calendar is an idea where, every day, someone from each class bring in some food (E.G. spaghetti, jam, tinned vegetables etc. anything that would be useful) and then, on Christmas Eve, we will bring it to the food bank and it will be shipped off to a family in High Wycombe who could really benefit from it. We first did this in 2016, when Mrs. Campanini discovered this and decided we should participate as a school. We are hoping to make this an annual thing as so many people bring food in – some even bring something in everyday!



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