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Bling Your Scooter to School – Friday 16th June

On Friday 16th June the JRSO (Junior Road safety officers) have organised a “Bling your Scooter/ Bike” to school event. This is to encourage children to travel to school in a healthier way and to remind the children about “be safe be seen”.

If your child has a scooter or bike then they can make it look fabulous at home with lights, sparkles, camouflage, or decorate in any fun theme and scoot/ cycle to school on it. If they are cycling please ensure that they are accompanied and wearing a cycle helmet.

At the start of school:

KS2 – take to the games shed area to store

KS1 – leave between the quiet sheds on the playground

Reception – take to the reception playground

The JRSOs will being running a fun obstacle course for bikes and scooters at play and lunchtime. We will also have a look at the best “blinged” scooters/ bikes in assembly and do a circuit around the playground to show them off! Please remind your children not to scoot or cycle on the playground at other times ie before school or after school – this is for the safety of parents and children.

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