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JLT Announcement

The new JLT has been announced!

On Friday 15th September, the new JLT was declared. The students chosen were very surprised and were thrilled to find out who had been selected.


Here is a quick rundown of who is who and what they do:

Head Girl & Boy: Bethany Brown and Alex Gold – They do rotas, organise events, help with the blog and generally help others.

Media Team: Thomas Beddows, Orlando Thompson and Grainne Shirley – They are in charge of the gazette article and some of the blog on the website.

Buddy Captain & Vice-Captain: Lucy Pease and Aisha Liaqat – Organise the Buddies and rotas for sports / buddy equipment.

Stationery Shop Manager & Deputy: Fletcher Goddard and Sam Smith – Run the stationery shop and order stock.

Oak Captain & Vice-Captain: Sophia Menicou and Thomas Gough – Announce and count up Oak house points and help with sports.

Ash Captain & Vice-Captain: Ilsa Adnan and Jonty Stowers – Announce and count up Ash house points and help with sports.

Sycamore Captain & Vice-Captain: Oliver Higgins and Emily Shaw – Announce and count up Sycamore house points and help with sports.

Willow Captain & Vice-Captain: Benjamin Criniyon and Lucy Dixon – Announce and count up Willow house points and help with sports.

JRSO (Junior Road Safety Officers): Ishan Burmi and Finn Dalby – Organise road safety events.

    Also, here is a funny pose from the JLT!



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