Naphill and Walters Ash School


The child has one intuitive aim: self development


This year, on Friday 17th November, the JLT have decided to take part in Children in Need! All children at Naphill and Walters Ash are in need of some pyjamas as, for a pound, we’re doing Bedtime at School! All members of the school (Teachers and TA’s included!) will dress up in their PJ’s to school.

Furthermore, each teacher will choose a bedtime story to read and the children will pick which one they want to listen to! Also, we will have the Round Pound Countdown where you bring in as many old round pounds as you can. To help you benefit from this, the highest raising class will receive a certificate, as well as the child bringing in the most round pounds!

You may think that the old round pounds are no use after the 15th October, but the government will generously accept old pounds for Children in Need! Along with that there will be a 20 minute activity for each class to participate in, that the JLT will organise and prepare. This is free of charge!

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