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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

This has been written by one of our Year 6 pupils.

Our Heroes

In this world of desire and desperation,

Of rejoicing, repentance and reincarnation.

A disaster enveloped the planet completely,

And we were swamped away with uncertainty.

Flooded by all of the deadly news,

And by people’s worldly negative views.

A minuscule virus leaves the best of us confused

But in the mist of it all, we can be who we choose!

I choose to be a selfless saviour, a nurse or a carer.

Who without a care in this world would become the burden barer.

A delivery man, distributing hot meals to those without a preparer.

Doctors who risk their lives in face of this endless viral terror.

I’m inspired by humanity and it’s kindness in these days of darkness.

Every day when the dreaded death toll rises; the virus seems so heartless!

The heart of humanity rises above and you can truly see the starkness.

With our kindness and benevolence let’s leave this virus armless!

Let’s clap for our heroes, our army saving us through the shadows.

Fighting with brave hearts, mind and souls; it’s the life they chose.

One day the dark clouds will disappear, the virus would have froze.

But the legend of these valiant heroes will remain forever unopposed!

By Sarib

Year 6 Edison



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