Naphill and Walters Ash School


The child has one intuitive aim: self development


Our Year 5/6 netball and football teams had a very successful day yesterday coming second and first respectively at the Liaison Group tournaments. The sports leaders at Risborough School were very good and Mrs Collett and I were very impressed with the two who worked with our teams.

Year 4 have been busy building robots this week and they look great on display in their shared area. You can come and see them next half term on the Book Look sessions. The dates for these will be out on the next newsletter so please come in and share what your child has done so far this term.

Year 2 are busy preparing for their drumming concert on Wednesday 17th at 2.00pm in the hall and they are looking forward to playing for you.

Year 3 have been looking at the Egyptians in history; body parts in canopic jars always goes down well! Year 5 are working on Arthurian stories and are linking their work in English to their history on the Anglo Saxons.

Year 1 have made the move from Reception successfully and now look very tall! They have all coped very well with the different timings and structure of the day.

Reception have survived the first half term! Starting school for some is quite a challenge as they have so much to get used to. There were some lovely models being made the other day and no doubt you all have piles of artwork proudly displayed on the fridge!


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