Naphill and Walters Ash School


Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages


The teaching of modern foreign languages at Naphill & Walters Ash School engenders the ethos of our 5Rs:
Reasoning: Language-learning builds on the children’s semantic knowledge.

Resilience: Modern foreign language teaching aims to build self-confidence.

Respect: Language learning encourages respect for the global environment, different cultures, and enables us to create a global community within the school.

Reflective: Children build on their semantic knowledge and make links between Latin, French and English.

Responsibility: Children become more proficient in language-learning, enjoying opportunities to share and celebrate their learning with their parents.


Through linear skills progression, children will develop a ‘working memory’ which enables them to build on their learning, incorporating the essential skills involved in reading, writing, listening and speaking. An interesting and exciting scheme of work aims to foster enthusiasm for language-learning and in addition, links with language departments in local secondary schools help provide smooth transitions.


We endeavour to foster an ‘I can’ attitude and increased enthusiasm for the study of modern foreign languages. Each year group celebrates their achievements and their learning with an ‘end product’ which is shared with parents.