Naphill and Walters Ash School


September 2021

I would like to welcome everyone to Naphill and Walters Ash School! Unfortunately it is a remote welcome due to the current circumstances but I look forward to seeing you here next September, if not earlier.

We are a two form entry school, and although our catchment area is the surrounding locality, we take children from a much wider area. Many families come to us from High Wycombe, Princes Risborough, West Wycombe and beyond. I can’t promise anything but if you put us as your first choice you usually get a place here!

Currently there about 360 children in the school. We are close to RAF High Wycombe and so many of our children are from military families. This does mean that children (and families) come and go. For us it is a key part of our school identity. We find it means that those children who are here throughout their school life are used to change and well prepared for secondary school. Our Year 6s leave here and go to most of the local Grammar and secondary schools; because of our school population they are used to making new friends, seeing new faces in lessons and know they have to be resilient in new situations.

Our pupils are well supported throughout their time here at NWAS. We have Teaching assistants supporting in all year groups and with all pupils both in and out of class. Many run extra interventions when the teachers have identified children who may need that extra support e.g. with spelling and reading. We have one member of staff who carries out all the Speech and Language assessments and work with the children in Year R. Provision is continued further in the school.

We see the partnership between home and school as being essential. We can offer support for the whole family if needed and if we can’t help directly we will try and find people who can. We understand that, particularly now, that many families are finding their circumstances are changing and that they and their children are facing new challenges.

Mrs Henig works as our Family Liaison Officer. Her role includes supporting children from forces families whose parents are on deployment, but she also works with any child who arrives new to the school from September onwards. She ensures every child has their own induction time and she meets up with them afterwards to see how they are feeling. Parents can also contact her at any time if they feel their child needs some extra social and emotional support.

Mrs Chick works with children and families and supports them in a variety of ways. She helps the children with friendship and behavioural issues in and out of school. Mrs Chick will work with families too; she works with many of the local external agencies who can provide extra support if needed.

Mrs Green our SENDCo will happily talk to you if your child has any special educational needs which have been identified by pre-school or by another professional. If this is something you wish to discuss, please contact the school via the email;

We aim to prepare the children not just for their next school but for life. We believe that the skills, values and attributes we can develop in your child will form the basis of their life long journey.

We have our 5Rs;






These are the skills, qualities and attributes that every child needs to succeed in life. We recognise and reward the children for showing the Rs in their work, play and behaviour. For us at NWAS, these Rs are as important as the academic work our children do.

Currently our clubs and extra-curricular provision is limited due to Covid restrictions. Normally we would be running clubs including chess, choir, orchestra and cheer leading during lunch times and then dance, football and gymnastics after school. Music lessons are still being taught and from Year 2 onwards the children have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument. All lessons are provided through the Bucks Music Service and some private music teachers. Our resourceful Year 6 musicians, who have been part of the school orchestra for a number of years, have put forward a plan to have a Year 6 music ensemble and we will hopefully be running this after half term.

The children will tell you we love our sport here at NWAS. We are quite competitive but we expect all our players to show true sportsmanship at all times.

If, having looked at all the information that is on the website, you have any questions please contact the school office by email or phone and someone will try to answer them for you.

Hopefully we will see you here at NWAS in the future.


Kerenza Gwynn – head