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Home Learning (Covid 19)


It’s important to consider each other’s points of views and accept differences of opinion. We help to give our children the ability to think through problems and challenges for themselves, and be able to explain their thoughts and actions.
It’s important to consider each other’s points of views and accept differences of opinion. We help to give our children the ability to think through problems and challenges for themselves, and be able to explain their thoughts and actions.


We encourage our children to be responsible, particularly for their actions, learning, belongings and environment.
We encourage our children to be responsible, particularly for their actions, learning, belongings and environment.

Schools, nurseries and childcare providers are currently closed to the majority of children. Places are available for vulnerable children and the children of critical workers. While staying at home due to coronavirus, parents and carers may be worried about their children’s development and the impact of missing school or nursery. No one expects parents to act as teachers, or to provide the activities and feedback that a school or nursery would. Parents and carers should do their best to help children and support their learning while dealing with competing demands.

To help you do this we have created this area on our website for you to access the work grids that have been created for each Year Group along with any other ideas that we think may be helpful during this unsettling time.

Phonics Overview for Children in Reception, Years 1 and 2

Year R

Dear Year R,

We just wanted to write you all a little letter to say ‘hello’!

All of the grown-ups that work in Year R are missing you all very much. We hope you have all been keeping busy at home doing all sorts of different things. Have you been doing some drawing or painting? Or building? Have you been able to enjoy some stories with a grown up or a big brother or sister? What other things have you been doing? Hopefully lots of lovely playing!

We wanted to let you know what we have been up to…

Mrs Pascoe says…

Hi Everyone,

Well done for staying at home and being Superheroes. I love looking at all the things you have been up to and are posting on Tapestry. I have been having lots of lovely walks with my dog, Arthur. We have enjoyed looking at all the blossom and flowers that are coming up. Every day we say ‘Good morning’ to the cows in a local field and hope that the horse is not blocking the gate! I have enjoyed sitting in my garden reading some books and playing board games with my grown up children. Monopoly and Scrabble are the favourites, shame my eldest, Emily keeps beating me! I miss hearing your weekly news on a Monday, so please post on Tapestry what you have been up to. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!


Mrs Carter says…

I am missing all the adults who come to Year R to help us every day, but most of all I am missing all the Hairy Maclarys and the Gruffalos! I have been doing a few activities while I am staying at home. I planted some flower seeds in my flower pots, marigolds, nasturtiums and lobelia. I have to water them every day, and I am waiting for some little green shoots to appear. I have been doing some crafting, I sewed a picture of a seahorse. I have been baking, I made some blueberry muffins for Easter. Last week the farmer came with his tractor and ploughed the field at the back of my house, I am waiting to see what he plants there. I have a male blackbird who comes into my garden every day, so I have to make sure I put clean water in my bird bath for him. He is getting quite brave, if I sit very quietly he hops up on to my patio! I think he is building a nest in our trees. As I always say when I take the register: “My favourite sort of day is when everybody comes to school!” So keep having fun while you are being ‘Stay At Home Super Heroes’ and we will all see each other again very soon!



Mrs Hall says…

‘Hi Year R!

I am missing you all, but I have been keeping very busy at home, trying my best to be a Stay at Home Superhero! I have been enjoying the lovely warm, sunny weather and have been out in my garden planting all sorts of different things. I have planted basil and coriander in my herb garden and I have planted lettuce, carrots, parsnips and radishes in my little veg patch. I have taken some walks near to my house and I have been very lucky as one of the farmers has moved their lambs into a field just along from my house, I can even hear them bleating        from my garden if I listen carefully. Daisy, Rose and Pom Pom (the chickens) keep laying eggs for me, so I have been able to bake some cakes too.

I can’t wait to see you all again soon!

Year 1

Hello to all of Year 1

We are missing you all very much! It is very strange that we do not get to see you every
We hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather that we have been having (remember you
can check the next day’s weather if you want to using BBC weather or a weather app). Are
you enjoying having mum and dad or other carers teaching you? Remember they have not
been in the classroom with you and us so they may need some help sometimes!
This term our topic is called ‘Blooming Marvellous’ and it is all about… plants! Our new story
is one you might have heard of… ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. Why do you think this is a good
story for this topic? There are many versions of this story but we will send you a copy of
our special Year 1 version.
There are lots of activities on your new learning grid that has been sent to your adults and
carers. Remember you have plenty of time to do these activities and you can do them in
lots of different ways! It is up to you which of the activities you want to have a go at but
try and do a big mixture. You can also use MyMaths to solve tricky maths problems and
Teach Your Monster to Read to practise phonics. We are little bit excited to see if you
have been practising your spelling of the 100 High Frequency Words. Have you been able
to remember all your number bonds to 10? Yes – then can you do the number bonds to 20?
We will be very impressed if you can!
If you have done any learning from the grids or have created something that you have
worked hard on you can send photographs or short videos to the office by email and then
we get to see them! We are sure you have done some amazing things and we would love to
see what you have done!
Mr Bradshaw has been safely walking his dog in the fields near his house and making sure
she stops eating the wild flowers (such as cow parsley and dandelions). She is incredibly
cheeky and will not bring back the ball when it is thrown for her, she would rather hide it.
He has also been clearing out the garden and learning the names of some of the flowers
and plants (such as daisies, ivy, a cherry tree, and jasmine). He would like to know what
flowers and plants you have in your gardens. He tried to cook a BBQ but it did not work
very well and the chicken skewers caught fire so he has not tried again.

Mrs Savage has also been enjoying daily walks with her dog Rose and her son Harry. She is
loving noticing all the changes in the plants locally, listening to the birds singing and
spotting the signs of Spring that have appeared everywhere! She has been doing lots of
baking and trying with Harry to attempt the Joe Wicks daily workout. She has also been
completing puzzles, playing board games and watching movies. She would love to know what
all of you have been up to.

We miss you and look forward to seeing you again one day.
From Mr Bradshaw and Mrs Savage

Year 2

Dear Children,
We are really missing your cheerful little faces as well as teaching you all. The topic this term
is ‘Castles, Knights and Princesses’. We hope you enjoy the activities we have planned for you.

English – Look at all the ideas on the new ‘Home Learning’ grid. With any writing
you do, remember to practice lead in lines for all your letters. Keep
practising spelling your Common Exception Words – make your own
flashcards to help you. Also, see how many of the attached Year 1/2
High Frequency words you can read and spell. In particular, the days of
the week and months of the year.
Maths –  We have included lots of activities linked to 2D, 3D shapes and
symmetry as well as adding in some card and dice games to keep up your
number bonds and times tables practice. All of you should be trying to
quickly recall your 2, 5 and 10 times table, out of order, and then keep
going on with the 3 x the 4 x (double the 2x table) etc
Keep going with Hit the Button as it helps with your speed.
Well done to those who have managed to complete the My Maths
homework we have set already. You should have found number and
fractions work and we have also added work on 2D, 3D shape and
Science – You will see on the Home Learning grid that the science topic is about
Helping Plants Grow Well – We have attached the Knowledge Organiser
for this too and included lots of activities on the Home Learning grid.
Hopefully, those of you with a garden will be able to get out and spend
some time with the plants you have growing. If you have indoor plants,
make sure they stay healthy, too! If you have no plants to care for try
putting a carrot top on a damp piece of kitchen roll and see what
Forest School – Have a go at building indoor or outdoor dens and have a picnic in them or
play a game. Make a den for your favourite toy. How many different leaf
shapes can you find in your garden?
Topic – ‘Castles’ is a great topic, with plenty for you to find out. We have
attached the Knowledge Organiser with lots of information included and
will send out a quiz or two later for you to check what you have learnt.
There are many other suggestions on the new Home Learning grid.

Reading – Keep reading as much as you can. Read picture books to your younger
brothers and sisters and even to your parents! Everyone likes to be read
‘Happy birthday’ to all of you who have had or will be having birthdays in the next few weeks.
We hope you and your families stay well.

Hello everyone,
I’ve finished one jigsaw and am now on my second one! I am also enjoying my daily walk. From Mrs Ross

Hi everyone,
I’ve been enjoying the weather, playing in my garden with my little girls. We have been doing
some baking, (banana bread of course!) reading, counting and lots of crafts together. We
have loved doing the Joe Wicks workout or cosmic yoga each morning! From Mrs Needle

Hello everyone,
I am spending lots of time in my garden with my little girls and enjoying walks in the woods.
We have been doing some gardening, baking, and playing lots of games! We have also been
trying to do Jo Wicks PE every day, which is hard work! Hope you are all keeping safe. From
Mrs Boston

Year 3

Dear Year 3 and family,
We hope you are all well, safe and not going too insane! We hope you are
managing to fill the time! I (Miss Brown) have been managing to fill my time with lots
of exercise, baking, painting, reading and walking the dog with my Nan! I do find it
very boring not seeing all those little faces and teaching you all every day! I (Mr Ellis)
am learning some new languages and writing poems though most of my time is
spent helping my children with their work. We also go for nature walks and learn
about birds. And worms.
In Year 3, before we had to close, we were going to start a new topic in maths – this
was fractions which is all available on the link on the grid provided.
We were also due to start our learning on The Rainforest! This is such a fun and
interesting topic! We have also provided some links on the home learning grid so you
can find out lots of interesting information!
In Science our new topic would be plants! This is a perfect time of year to have a
look at the different plants growing and the inside of a plant – this is also on your
learning grid!
It would be great to see the different ideas you have had or the many areas you are
learning about. It is really important to keep yourself motivated and to be creative.
There are so many learning opportunities available on the internet if you have that.
Again, just look at the grid. Keep up the times tables for a few minutes every day
and read lots of books. You might want to keep a notebook of all the new words you
are learning.
We wish you all the best and hope to see you soon! Don’t feel like you need to
complete everything on the home learning grid, those are just ideas of what we
thought might be helpful and interesting!
As the Queen herself said, “We’ll meet again”. Until then, stay safe and help each
other through this strange change!
Miss Brown and Mr Ellis.

Year 4

Hello to all our lovely Year 4 crew!
We are missing you all, even the chatterboxes! Yes, really!
Hope you’re enjoying the lovely weather and have been keeping yourselves busy.
We also hope you haven’t been driving your parents and carers bananas! Don’t
forget we’ve been years in the business, so if your new teachers (or Mum & Dad
as you may like to call them!) are a bit strict or not as good as you at their times
tables, be understanding and help them out!
Our new topic is Shipwrecked, which we’re basing on a Michael Morpurgo book,
The Wreck of the Zanzibar. We know you all love Michael Morpurgo, and this
book is really good! You can read it online by following the link below:
Keep practising those times tables and have a go at the MyMaths activities.
Don’t forget to keep learning those 100 spellings too- you’ll all be amazing
spellers by the time we come back! We won’t be able to find any words to
correct in your books!!
We have sent home lots of activities for you to try on the homework grid – dip
in and choose the ones you like the sound of. Try some from each area; you could
have your own Science Week and play with water and chocolate (yum!) in our
Changing State activities. Don’t forget to clear up your mess after! The Holey
Moley Geography work is also great fun- much better than having a real-life
mole in your garden destroying your lawn, which is what we had a few years ago!
As well as planning some fun creative lessons for when we return to school, we
teachers have been keeping ourselves busy …
Mrs Shimmin has been taking her dog Miffy out into the
woods each day, where she has had great fun chasing
pheasants (Miffy, not Mrs Shimmin!). She has also
enjoyed teaching her son to bake; you can see from the
photo below that she’s better at teaching Year 4
Mrs Campanini has also been walking her dog in the woods
(although not with Mrs Shimmin). She has been doing lots of
gardening and baking. She also spent quite a lot of time trying
to persuade her hens (Tonks and Bod) to lay Chocolate Easter
Mrs Lavender has been “helping” her son with his A level geography and biology,
but the maths is far too hard! She has also been weeding the garden and
cooking lots of creative meals with random bits and pieces from the cupboard.
Hopefully, she is also going to do some more crafty stuff; felting animals and
painting -watercolours not walls! Here’s her cat driving next door’s digger and
some ducklings from a willow pond walk:

Mrs Richardson has been teaching her son to cook evening dinners and he has
also helped her with garden chores. Noah has been very proud of his culinary
delights; the dishes were absolutely delicious! She has also acquired hair
dressing skills and successfully cut her son’s hair without a single complaint!
Mrs Richardson and her son have thoroughly enjoyed using the ‘stop motion
movie app’ to create movies! It’s been a lot of fun especially creating a movie
about the battle between soldiers and dinosaurs (theme suggested by Noah 😊).
We definitely recommend downloading this app for all those budding movie
directors out there; you need a lot of patience but it’s so rewarding and
worthwhile to see it completed in all its glory!
We hope you are all keeping safe and well and your families and friends are too.
Try to be kind and helpful and enjoy some of the activities that we have planned
for you to keep yourselves busy.
We miss you all.
Best wishes and hope to see you soon

Year 4 Teachers

Year 5

Dear Mozart and Lovelace,
Hello! We are missing you all very much and hope that you are safe and well. Aren’t we
lucky with the amazing weather? We hope you have been able to get into the garden or on
some walks to enjoy all that lovely sunshine. We have been thinking about you all in the
evenings when the skies are so clear and we can see all our wonderful stars and that
incredible Pink Moon!
Whilst we are staying safe at home, we are now looking at new and exciting topics for all of
our subjects.
Our main topic will be the Ancient Greeks, exploring the gods and the goddesses with all
their mythical powers…we can look at how this great epoch created legacies that we use
still to this day. If you can, try to create a timeline for the antiquities (favourite word alertgoogle antiquities and practise using it for when we are back!); stick this timeline on a
window or fridge or somewhere agreed by your parents.
In science, we are looking at ‘Living things and their Habitats’ so we have set a little time
lapse study to do and a video to look at life cycles.
Remember that our reading challenge is still going! Make a pile of the books that you have
read to add to the towers… Lovelace had a slight lead when we broke up but do not be
complacent – Mozart have got their heads down in those books! Use your Speed
Recommendations lists that you made and look for those authors on the audible apps and
the library apps.
Keep being the superstars that we know, keep your rooms tidy, make your beds, help in the
kitchen and try to play some board games if you can. In our homes, we are doing lots of
drawing and colouring: Mrs Wallace is sewing and Miss Allnutt is walking. All these things
help us to feel calmer when we are missing you all too much. We will be in touch soon and,
until then, use your 5Rs to help your families have fun whilst you are at home – you could
even make leaves.
We are so proud of you all playing your part in the fight against this nasty bug and we look
forward to seeing you all as soon as is possible.
Much love to you all
Mrs Wallace and Miss Allnutt x

Year 6

Dear Year 6,
We hope that you are all well and not missing us too much! We thought we’d
write and let you know what we’ve all been up to.
Mrs Clarke – I have been spending my two weeks making sure that there is
online work for you to do, answering your emails – which I love receiving- and
updating the youtube channel with a daily class reading, just like we would in
class. On top of the school stuff, I have been trying to spend as much time in
the sun as possible! My dog definitely enjoys this too as she is always following
the sun around the house! I’m also taking this chance to read as many books as I
can – I always have a huge list of books that I want to read! Believe it or not, I
am missing you all and am very hopeful that we will all see each other soon.
Mrs Collett – I had two days at school, which I really enjoyed and I’m looking
forward to my next turn of looking after the Essential Workers’ children. At
home I have been doing lots of gardening which has been lovely. I’ve also been
doing lots of planning of the curriculum for your home learning and for next
term (I’m still hopeful that we will get to teach some of it to you before the
end of the school year!). My two cats, Ted and Chester, have been enjoying
having the whole family at home and spend their time trying to convince
whoever will listen that they haven’t been fed! I’ve been doing circuit training in
the garden with Millie and I’ve been going for a walk or a run each day. My son
Charlie, who is 21 and usually lives in Portsmouth where he’s at university, eats
for England so I’m constantly cooking and it seems like he’s always hungry! I’m
really missing seeing you all and missing the fun we have at school.
Mrs Turner – I’m sure you can imagine I have been enjoying spending lots of
time with Zachary at home and going out for walks in the sunshine. We have
been so lucky with the weather recently! I have also been doing quite a bit of
painting for fun when the little man is in bed – it is very relaxing. I was very
good at doing PE with Joe Wicks in week one of lockdown but not so much
anymore. However, I have found some good yoga videos on youtube that I enjoy,
and Zachary likes to climb on top of me or between my legs while I do them – my
challenge is to avoid falling over when he does this! My favourite thing I have
been doing is quizzes with my friends on Zoom in the evenings – they have been
so much fun ☺ When I have time, I have been looking at lesson plans for
school. I miss seeing all of your smiling faces and our fun and silly conversations
at school. Really hope to see you all soon.
Top tips for the next couple of weeks:
• Once you have finished your website (and checked all of the spelling and
basic punctuation!) you may publish it – please send the link to your
website to the office so that they can forward it on to Mrs Clarke as she
would love to see them!
• Practise your times tables every day – use Hit the Button on the internet
to try and beat your time and score
• Read lots! Lose yourself in an adventure or another world for a while.
• Make sure you are spending time being creative e.g. making something,
baking or drawing etc. Remember there are lots of how to draw tutorials
on YouTube
• Try drawing up a timetable which should include break-times as well as
• Have a daily routine – try doing the same things at the same time each
• Definitely plan in some daily exercise – remember our circuits? We
discussed how easy it would be to do these in your garden or living room.
Challenge yourself to increase the time you spend at each station every
time you do it. Remember to build up gradually
Remember to be kind to your family. This is a hard time for everyone, but
especially parents who are having to keep everyone in the family safe. We are all
having to adjust to this strange new way of living and the way we can all help
each other is by being kind and considerate. Think about our 5Rs and try to live
your life by them. If you can do that, you will not only help your family but also
yourself to feel calmer, happier and more positive.
Keep smiling.
Lots of love from
Mrs Clarke, Mrs Collett and Mrs Turner

AJD Football Activity Sheets.

Fun Football related worksheets for all ages.

Assemblies from the Padre

Padre Chrissie Lacey has been producing a weekly assembly via the High Wycombe RAF Facebook group, please find the links below:

Elijah and the still small voice: Listening in the quiet


So many fish: doing things differently


Joseph and his brothers: forgiveness


The greedy farmer: relationships are more important than stuff


Gideon: stepping out of our comfort zone

The story is the workers in the vineyard and the theme is grace and love.

Letter and Classroom Pictures in preparation for re-opening 2nd June 2020 for Children in Reception, Year 1 and 6.