Naphill and Walters Ash School




Message from the Co-chairs of Governors

A school should be an aspirational place. Welcome to Naphill and Walters Ash School. We are ambitious for every child. We value all our children and encourage them to believe in themselves and reach their full potential.

Marc, I and the rest of the Governing Body, work closely with the Head Teacher and all the staff to set high standards and expectations in teaching, learning and extracurricular activities for all our children and the highest standard of behaviour across the school.

Our ambition is that your child leaves Naphill having achieved the very best that they are able to. Partnerships are vital to achieving that ambition and this is where as parents and carers you can help your child.

Our continued feedback from the Head Teacher, staff and from other Governing Bodies is that reading at home is absolutely vital to children’s education. It may appear mundane, but time spent with your child reading or doing homework is never wasted. Reading is a cornerstone of education. From reading comes comprehension, not just in English, but in ALL subjects taught across the curriculum as well as in the wider world.

10 to 20 minutes each day, reading to or with your child, checking their understanding of what they read, encouraging them to explore subjects more deeply. As well as reading, helping them learn spelling and times tables will have a positive impact that will help them make steps towards their aspirations.


Kind regards

Paul Riglar and Marc Millar


Role of the Governing Body

  • To set the aims and objectives for the school
  • To define the policies for achieving those aims and objectives
  • To set the targets and plans for achieving those aims and objectives
  • To monitor the progress that the school is making
  • To be a source of support and challenge to the Head Teacher


Structure of the Governing Body

There are 14 governors; the Head teacher, 1 staff governor, 1 local authority governor, 4 parent governors and 7 co-opted governors.

There are two committees that meet once a term:

  • Finance & Resources
    Responsible for the school budget, staffing, premises etc.
  • Teaching & Learning
    Responsible for curriculum matters.
  • The committees make recommendations to the full Governing Body, (all 14 governors) who also meet once a term to formally adopt the policies and to approve any other decisions taken at committee.

Marc Millar –Co-Chair & Member of Teaching and Learning Committee

Marc Millar was elected as a Parent Governor in October 2016 and is now a Co-opted Governor. Marc serves as Co-Chair of the Governing Board and as a member of the Teaching and Learning Committee.

Marc and his wife Emma, a secondary maths teacher, live in Naphill with their two sons, who attended Naphill and Walters Ash school throughout their primary education.

Marc has worked in transportation and logistics for twenty years holding senior posts in operational and commercial roles.

As well as being a Governor, Marc was a volunteer coach for eight years with the local Naphill football club and is happy staying healthy by running or cycling.


Paul Riglar – Co-Chair and member of the Finance and Resources Committee

Paul Riglar was elected a parent governor in October 2012. He became chair of the Finance and Resources committee in May 2014, vice chair of the FGB in September 2015 and is currently Co-Chair with Marc Millar.

Both of his children went to Naphill with his younger daughter still at the school.

He lives locally and is the school’s representative and a trustee of the Naphill Village Hall and Playing Fields Council


Katherine Clarkson – Development Governor and Member of the Teaching and Learning Committee

Katherine was elected as a Parent Governor in 2018 and took on the role of Development Governor in 2019.  Her son is currently in Y3 and she also has a younger daughter who cannot wait to start school!

Katherine is a CIPD qualified Personnel Officer in the RAF, currently based at the Headquarters in Walters Ash where she has been working in a policy role for the last 3 years. She has served all over the country in a variety of roles including HR delivery, media operations and leadership training and is currently completing her Chartered Manager status with the Chartered Management Institute.

Jemma Pearson – Parent Governor and Member of Teaching and Learning Committee Jemma Pearson was elected as a Parent Governor in 2019 and is now a member of the Teaching and Learning Committee.

Jemma and her husband Hamish live locally in Naphill and currently have 2 children in the school (Y4 and Y6), with their eldest just having left to move up to senior school.  All 3 children have spent their entire primary education at Naphill and Walters Ash School and thoroughly enjoy their time there.

Jemma has worked in the Recruitment industry for over 20 years and now also specialises in diversity and inclusion.

Martin Burch – Co-opted Governor and Chair of the Finance and Resources Committee

Martin Burch was elected as a co-opted governor in February 2017 and re-elected for a further term until 2025.

He currently serves as chair of the Finance and Resources Committee.

He and his wife moved to Naphill in 2007 when his company relocated to High Wycombe. Two of their three children live locally. Martin retired in 2016 after a 40 year career in international marketing and business management and now spends a lot of time golfing .

If you don’t see him at the school you might run into him on one of his regular walks around the village.

Dani Bowman – Co-opted Governor and member of the Teaching and Learning Committee

Dani Bowman is a co-opted governor and sits on the Teaching & Learning committee, she also is the designated governor for Child Protection/Safeguarding, Early Years, SEN and Pay review and liaises between the school and the RAF.

Dani has been involved with the school since 2009 when she and her daughter moved to Walter’s Ash as the RAF High Wycombe Community Development Officer.  She has four children and has been a foster carer, she travelled around with the army, her sons attended a total of 19 schools during this time so she is very aware of the military lifestyle and the positives and negatives this can bring. Dani is a qualified youth worker and has a second degree in play work and has sat on governing boards at several schools while moving around.

When not at work Dani enjoys live music, festivals, camping, reading and spending time with her family

Shelley Bowyer –  Co-opted Governor Shelley Bowyer is a co-opted School governor who was elected in October 2018 and is a member of the Finance and Resources Committee.

She and her family live locally in Walters Ash, and her son currently attends the school, which he loves and enthusiastically tells his friends that his mum talks to Miss Gwynn in her governor capacity.

Shelley is an Applications Team manager at Buckinghamshire Council, working in IT dealing with contract and supplier management.  She has extensive experience in Adults and Children’s Social care and working knowledge of SEN and Admissions.

In her free time Shelley enjoys reading and crafting, although the latter does not always go to plan!

Jennifer Mitchell – Co-opted

Governor / Community Governor

Jennie was elected as a Co-opted Governor in June 2021 and has taken on the role of Community Governor. Jennie was born in South Wales. She has a BA (Hons) in Business Studies and a BSc (Hons) in Human Resource Management.


Jennie joined the RAF as an airman and trained as a Dental Nurse, later achieving a Commission as a Personnel Officer. She recently retired from the RAF after 22 years service and is now a Contracts Officer in the Civil Service.


Jennie is married to a Civil Servant and lives in Walter’s Ash. She has a daughter who is a pupil at NAWAS, and a son who attends Toddle In nursery.



Stephanie Ayres – Co-opted Governor and Chair of the Teaching and Learning Committee

Stephanie Ayres was elected as a parent governor in 2016 and more recently been co-opted. Steph is currently the chair of the Teaching & Learning committee. Steph and her family live in Naphill  and have 2 children, one who is currently in year 6 and an elder daughter who is in year 8 at a local secondary school. Both girls have been through the whole of N&WA school from reception. Steph works in technology in the music industry and has done for over 20 years.
Jo Lavender – Staff Governor

Jo Lavender has been teaching for over 30 years in schools in Berkshire and Oxfordshire and has been the Deputy head at Naphill and Walters Ash school since 2010. As a child she frequently moved schools with her RAF family and so has good empathy with the transient life of a forces schoolchild. 
She is a long-standing staff governor and attends the Teaching and Learning and Safeguarding committees. She has taught all age ranges,  but mostly in KS2, and is currently job sharing in Year 4. Her teaching passions are art, maths and ICT and she has a natural curiosity about science and “big questions”. 
She lives in Oxfordshire with her family and enjoys walking in the Chilterns, nature and a range of arty pastimes.
Jemma Gunning – Parent Governor


Jemma Gunning was elected as Parent Governor in 2020 and is working her way through the induction process before being aligned to a committee.  Jemma and her husband David live locally in Walters Ash with their 3 children who all currently attend the school (Yr2, Yr4 and Yr5).

Jemma is a qualified business consultant and project manager in a career spanning over 25 years predominately in the finance sector, but more recently in the construction and design industry.

As well as her Governor duties Jemma is a reluctant but regular attendee of a local fitness boot camp, a dog lover and owner, any trashy Netflix series watcher and is lead singer in a 1950’s rock and roll band hoping to perform at Napfest when rules allow!’

Rob McMurray – Parent Governor 

Rob McMurray was elected as a Parent Governor in January 2021 and has been an Associate Governor since 2019

Rob and his wife Christine live in Walters Ash with their two sons and daughter, 2 whom attend Naphill and Walters Ash school and one in secondary school.

Rob has worked in medicine and pharmaceuticals for twenty years doing a variety of commercial and medical roles and is now a training manager for a global company.

As well as being a Governor, Rob is a volunteer coach with the local Naphill football club and still enjoys a game of Rugby with Princes Risborough.